Learning Programs

Our learning programs are designed to raise the engagement levels of an organisation.

Themba Thandeka Learning Programs

Essential Skills for Professionals

Essential Skills is a deep impact learning experience that addresses the core human skills organisations and teams need to develop and grow to achieve extra-ordinary results. It offers an opportunity to assess, understand and path a way to develop the essential skills necessary to thrive at work and at life. Workshop topics include Personal Leadership, Effective Communication, Feedback Savvy, Selling in a VUCA World, Teamwork, Influence and Mental Tenacity & Resilience.

Performance Coaching @ Work

Coaching as management style is a key driver to raise levels of engagement in the workplace.
Performance Coaching @ Work is a uniquely structured short course that empowers managers with the skills needed to raise engagement in their teams. Under the guidance of experienced trainers and coaches, individuals are placed in a psychologically safe environment to experiment, learn from mistakes and develop coaching abilities.

Performance Coaching @ Work offers high impact to organizations. The course consists of 2 teaching modules and 2 coaching sessions.

Building Mental Tenacity and Resilience

The most important skill leaders need is to develop is the ability to stay healthy – physically, mentally, spiritually.

Leaders need to find a way to cope with all the internal and external pressures of life, and stay healthy. Leaders need mental tenacity and resilience to persevere sustainably over the next decade. Research by Angela Duckworth in her book “Grit”, emphasises the importance of hard work, dedication, and discipline, against the odds. Talent and Strengths are important, but they are overrated. The future belongs to those who put in the effort, who stay the course, who escapes their private victimhood and who stay consistent in their work ethic.

Unfortunately, we live in a reality where many have bought into lifestyles of comfort, boundless options and low commitment. We believe the good life should be easy and without the necessary sacrifice. Therefore it is not surprising that we have unprecedented levels of anxiety, depression, stress and the so-called diseases of distress. Today, teenagers have the same anxiety levels of patients in mental institutions had in the 1960’s and experts predict that the biggest killer over the next century will be stress and anxiety.

Building Mental Tenacity & Resilience is a two-day workshop that offers teams insights and practices to engage with the challenges of a volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous world in a healthy way.

Accredited Programs

In association with the Da Vinci Institute: School of Leadership, we offer tertiary qualifications specializing in Coaching and Organisational Wellbeing. The following accredited qualifications are offered in the Management of Technology and Innovation (MoTI):
1. Higher Certificate in MoTI with elective streams in Coaching and Organisational Wellbeing.
2. Bachelor of Commerce in Business Management with elective streams in Coaching and Organisational Wellbeing.
3. Post Graduate Diploma in Business Leadership with elective streams in Coaching and Organisational Wellbeing.

Bespoke Learning Programs

We have more than a decade experience at developing bespoke learning and change management programs that help people and teams engage better with each other and the strategy of the organization. Once we understand the needs and challenges faced, we have the skills to develop and deliver a custom learning programs.


The Da Vinci Institute: School of Business Management is focused on the creation of knowledge that is trans-disciplinary in nature, socially relevant, actively promotes diversity and heterogeneity, and of which the intent is to apply situated learning, problem probing and decision making as critical constructs to solve work-based problems. In doing such, The Institute intends to contribute towards the professional development of the people involved. For more information visit www.davinci.ac.za
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