Why having Engaged People in Your Business should be the No.1 Priority

We have witnessed first-hand that engaged people and teams outperform their peers. They adjust quicker and smarter to changes and manage to deliver excellence consistently. Teams are not engaged by accident. It requires a clear strategy, a healthy performance culture and intentional leadership. Engagement cannot happen in isolation either. It is a co-ordinated and collective effort involving key internal and external stakeholders. Through research, experimentation and experience we have learnt how leaders can raise the engagement, and ultimately the performance, of their teams. Our Engagement Model provides a practical framework for how this is done.

What is engagement?

Engagement is the strength of the relationship between an organisation and its employees. “The concept of employee engagement is really about an employee’s psychological investment in their organisation and motivation to produce extraordinary results.” (Ken Oehler, Aon) .

Why is Engagement important?

  1. The bottom line. Various research studies prove that higher levels of staff engagement lead to higher profitability.
  2. Customer service levels rise as employees are more engaged. Engaged employees take ownership of your business and therefore provide superior service.
  3. It creates a great place to work at. Employees are motivated, feel safe, find meaning, build great relationships, work as a team, and become loyal citizens of the organisation.


The TTLI Engagement Model

Teams are not engaged by accident. Our Engagement Model provides a practical framework for how engagement works in an organisation.

Based on this model, we have developed an assessment of each of the nine areas of engagement. Engagement Analytics offers insight into the specific areas of an organization that require attention in order to raise engagement. Bespoke learning programmes and coaching interventions are then developed and delivered.

Learn more about the power of engagement in Lead with Intent. Authored by Hermann du Plessis this book unpacks the engagement model and explains through case studies how the servant leadership practices and principles shape and influence culture at work.
For an assessment of your organisations engagement levels contact Hermann at hermann@ttli.co.za


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