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Organisational Behaviour Consultancy

We help business and organisations cultivate work environments that create value and unlock human potential. In short, we help align talent with strategy.

At Themba Thandeka we train, consult and coach leaders and their organisations in the essentials skills needed to raise engagement. We believe we offer value to our clients through Engagement Analysis, Training, Consulting and Coaching within the spheres of Leadership, Strategy and Organisational Wellbeing.




Leadership principles and practices that drive engagement and profitability

Lead with Intent is a ground-breaking book by Hermann du Plessis that reveals nine leadership principles and practices that drive engagement and commitment in the workplace.

His holistic approach and fully integrated engagement model are based on the fundamentals of effective leadership. Scientific studies conducted locally and internationally provide convincing evidence that only fully engaged people deliver outstanding results on a sustainable basis.

Fully engaged people work together towards the attainment of a common, aspirational vision. They volunteer their intelligence, energy, loyalty and contribution. Fully engaged people accept co-responsibility as they feel that they belong, are respected, trusted and appreciated. Scientific studies provide convincing evidence that only fully engaged people deliver outstanding results on a sustainable basis.

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Why having Engaged People in Your Business should be the No.1 Priority

We have witnessed first-hand that engaged people and teams outperform their peers. They adjust quicker and smarter to changes and manage to deliver excellence consistently.
Teams are not engaged by accident. It requires a clear strategy, a healthy performance culture and intentional leadership. Engagement cannot happen in isolation either. It is a co-ordinated and collective effort involving key internal and external stakeholders.
Through research, experimentation and experience we have learnt how leaders can raise the engagement, and ultimately the performance, of their teams. Our Engagement Model provides a practical framework for how this is done.

Why choose us?

Staff Engagement

We have built a reputation as a Catalyst that guide organisations towards a sustainable increase in their profitability. We do this by assisting them with the one aspect in their business that contributes the most to their profitability: Staff Engagement.

Bespoke learning programs

Ability to design and deliver bespoke learning programs aligned to the strategic goals of an organisation.


Our team offers a unique blend of business, executive training, coaching, strategy and organizational wellness experience with international exposure.

Academic Credits

Our partnership with the Da Vinci Institute puts us in a unique position to offer academic credits for our training programs and offer learnerships to organisations.

BBBEE rated service provider

Themba Thandeka Leadership Institute is a level 4 (EME) BBBEE rated service provider.


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