About Us

What we do?

We train, consult and coach organisations in the Essentials Skills needed to raise engagement.

We offer value to customers through Engagement Analysis, Training, Consulting and Coaching within the spheres of Leadership, Strategy and Organisational Wellbeing.

What are we known for?

We have built a reputation as a Catalyst that guide organisations towards a sustainable increase in their profitability. We do this by assisting them with the one aspect in their business that contributes the most to their profitability: Staff Engagement.

What we believe

We hold a deep belief that to work is a gift and that the workplace should be an environment that inspire people to share their talent, experience, ideas, uniqueness and enthusiasm. To this point, we are convinced that it is the role of leaders to intentionally create a great place to work at, to unlock people’s potential.

Our Approach

  1. We analyse the engagement levels of teams and organisations.
  2. We develop custom learning solutions to address engagement obstacles.
  3. We facilitate the execution by aligning talent with strategy.
  4. We have digitized the delivery of learning programs and learning resources.

Staff Engagement

Our Why

We are here to bring out the God-colours and God-flavours in businesses and organisations. By opening up to others, we prompt people to open up to God: this generous Father in heaven, Christ Jesus his risen Son and His Holy Spirit.

Our Values


We engage people with love (Philia ‘brotherly love’) to help them get meaning from work.


We influence people with positive energy, optimism and hope.


We connect with people on a high EQ level. We do this through humility and empathy, by listening to understand, appreciate and respect their unique goals and challenges



Our Team

Agnes Hove

Agnes Hove

Agnes, is a strategist, who has practical leadership experience across diverse organisations in corporate South Africa, which culminated in her being made the Chief Executive of one.

She possesses a Master’s degree in Strategy, a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, and numerous other Diplomas and certificates. Her areas of expertise include leadership development, employee wellness, strategic planning, women empowerment and change management.

Erika Botha

Erika Botha

Erika is a management consultant and facilitator of learning. She designs and delivers executive education modules for the University of Stellenbosch Business School. Since 2008, Erika has facilitated Leadership, Management and Team Development training programmes and one-on-one coaching for various clients, including: Standard Bank, FNB, Goldfields (Sibanye Stillwater), Sasol, SAB Miller, Auditor General S.A., Business Connexion and Rennies Travel.

She is also an experienced manager, understanding how to translate business requirements into tangible results; how to bring out the best in employees and motivate teams.

Hano du Plessis

Hano du Plessis

Hano is the Training Manager at our business. He has experience in training, coaching, counselling and teaching in both the corporate and the non-profit sectors. He is a registered assessor and a registered counsellor.

Hano has been intimately involved in developing many of the learning programs that we offer. He has tertiary qualifications in education, religious studies, and psychology.

Hermann du Plessis

Hermann du Plessis

Hermann du Plessis is the founder of the Themba Thandeka Leadership Institute (TTLI), a company that has worked in more than 90 organizations in 19 countries across the globe. TTLI’s purpose is to help companies raise the levels of staff engagement to the benefit of all stakeholders and has built a reputation as a catalyst that significantly raises engagement and profitability.

Hermann is a leadership student with 20 years of experience, having coached, mentored, trained, and consulted in various spheres of leadership development. He has coached senior and executive managers of major corporations for more than 15,000 hours to cultivate diverse transformational leaders. He is also a lecturer in leadership at tertiary institutions. Hermann holds degrees in Commerce, Education, and Theology, and a Master’s degree in Adult Education, as well as an international certification in Leadership and Management Coaching.

Sizwe Kuzwayo

Sizwe Kuzwayo

Sizwe Kuzwayo is a sustainability practitioner and a business consultant with over 20 years leadership experience most of which was acquired in projectised environments. He has worked in the banking, insurance, sustainability, climate change, renewable energy, training and management consulting sectors.

Sizwe has worked as a transaction advisor, a strategy & business consultant, an economic development advisor and project manager on various projects.

He holds an honours degree in business administration, an honours degree in development management and a masters degree in management.

Willem Potgieter

Willem Potgieter

Willem has two decades experience in business leadership positions. He is a generalist and his responsibilities span from managing the finances of the business to facilitating strategy sessions for clients. He has authored articles on leadership topics.



Get In Touch

We would really like to hear from you.

Hermann du Plessis hermann@ttli.co.za +27 82 853 7463
Hano du Plessis hano@ttli.co.za +27 74 722 0773
Willem Potgieter willem@ttli.co.za +27 83 260 4917

Physical Address

First Floor, Zotos House, 183 Smit Street, Fairlands, 2030

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Hermann du Plessis
+27 82 853 7463
Hano du Plessis
+27 74 722 0773+27 74 722 0773
Willem Potgieter
+27 83 260 4917

Physical Address

First Floor, Zotos House, 183 Smit Street, Fairlands, 2030


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