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“Trust is the foundation of real teamwork”
– Patrick Lencioni –


Is it clear why your business exists? How your team should behave? What is it your business really does? These are some of the key questions leadership teams need to answer to cohesively execute and purposefully communicate their business strategy.
We facilitate strategic thinking sessions, assisting leadership teams to get clarity on a new business strategy. Our offering includes a hands-on practical approach to communicate, institute and execute business strategy.

TTLi assisted Shangoni to document and clarify “why we exist” and “how do we behave”. This process provided a foundation for our strategy. Through workshops with our leadership team and a well-defined playbook, our energy and resources were aligned and focused to ensure that we are “engaged” to delivery our goals. Thanks TTLI for helping us to define a strategy to enhance our business and to grow

Corrie Potgieter,

Managing Director, Shangoni


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