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Only 9% of the workforce in South Africa is engaged, 46% is disengaged and 45% actively disengaged. A key reason for low levels of engagement is poor leadership.
– Gallup –


Coaching as management style is a key driver to raise levels of engagement in the workplace.

Performance Coaching @ Work is a uniquely structured short course that empowers managers with the skills needed to raise engagement in their teams. Under the guidance of experienced trainers and coaches, individuals are placed in a psychologically safe environment to experiment, learn from mistakes and develop coaching abilities.

Performance Coaching @ Work offers high impact to organizations. The course consists of 2 modules and 3 coaching sessions:

Module 1: Understanding of the concepts of coaching, mentoring and personal leadership, including a deep understanding of the role self-awareness plays in coaching for performance.

Module 2: Theory and practice of performance coaching at work, including the coaching conversation path and core skills needed to coach effectively.

Coaching Session 1: Individual coaching session to review the elements of a coaching conversation path as well as core coaching skills.

Coaching Session 2: An individual coaching assessment including feedback and further guidance on how to develop coaching abilities.

Coaching Session 3: Review progress made and discuss challenges experienced 6 to 9 months after the course is completed.



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