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Personal and organizational effectiveness is proportionate to the strength of leadership”
– John C. Maxwell –

We offer TWO Leadership Development Programs


The Leadership Development Program is a 12-month course aimed at managers and leaders that need to deliver an immediate impact in their organisations. The objective of this Monash University accredited course is to enable fresh thinking about leadership, develop an awareness of how to influence stakeholders, and how to build and maintain healthy teams.

Course Duration: 12 months
Accredited by: Monash University

The course consists of the following 5 modules:

Module 1: Developing a new paradigm for leadership and management within a coaching framework.
Module 2: Developing the ability to work with, understand and mobilize people.
Module 3: Developing effective teams in the working environment for stellar results.
Module 4: Developing the ability to empower staff and manage performance.
Module 5: Developing a better understanding of teamwork with and the impact it has on results.


The Certificate in Leadership Coaching teaches how to coach and influence employees, and other stakeholders, as a manager in the workplace. Accredited by Monash University, the objective of this course is to develop an understanding of the importance of taking ownership and building relationships to influence stakeholders. This will assist you in acquiring skills to lead, coach and manage more effectively in the workplace.

Course Duration: Presented over an 18 month period
Accredited by: Monash University

This course consists of the following 8 modules:

Module 1: An Understanding of the concepts of coaching, mentoring and personal leadership.
Module 2: An Understanding of the self-awareness as core development for success.
Module 3: An intellectual enrichment regarding the ways to plan strategically as a team.
Module 4: Ways to initiate or display professional leadership in your current role by practising the laws of leadership.
Module 5: An understanding of how to effectively build and maintain relationships and manage conflict effectively.
Module 6: The ability to identify and pro-actively deal with personal and team stress and burnout.
Module 7: A systematic understanding of how to manage failure by learning, problem-solving and being resilient.
Module 8: An awareness of how to develop from success towards significance.

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