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We firmly believe servant leadership make people succeed both professionally and personally. Leadership is all about creating vision and strategic direction, while the servant aspect is focused on removing operational obstacles. Servant leadership creates an organizational culture that is healthy. It’s built on trust, values relationships and allows people to thrive. It is soft on people and hard on results, often delivering beyond expectations.

Our vision is to align talent with strategy through delivering learning programs across Africa, focused on servant leadership as the way to create and maintain healthy organizational culture.











why choose us

We believe that corporate training’s impact is maximized only when it is delivered within the context and understanding of a business’ strategy.

  • Our custom training programmes improve alignment of talent with strategy. Through performance coaching @ work we assist businesses to transform culture in line with corporate strategy.
  • We help to clarify vision, business strategy and values and achieve talent engagement through leadership education and one-on-one coaching.
  • Our team offers a unique blend of business, executive training, coaching, strategy and organizational wellness experience with international exposure.
  • We are members of COMENSA, International Coaching Federation and Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce & Industry.
  • Our training courses are accredited by Monash South Africa Limited.
  • Themba Thandeka Leadership Institute is a level 4 (EME) BBBEE rated service provider.

Our Clients

Leadership is critical to all industries and businesses irrespective of size or location. We serve business leaders and leadership teams across a multitude of industries. Key clients include Standard Bank, MPC Recruitment, Aurecon, SEW Eurodrive, Shangoni Management Services, ID Logistics, Andile Solutions and KHS.

Personal and organizational effectiveness is proportionate to the strength of leadership.
– John C. Maxwell

“Humanity rarely find new ways to fail, because the old ways are serving us well.” Learn through reflection.
– John C. Maxwell

“Coaching assists leaders with honest reflection, to optimally learn from setbacks and failures.”


Let Emotional Intelligence Guide Your Well-Being

Let Emotional Intelligence Guide Your Well-Being

Emotional Intelligence is the hidden advantage for many professionals who face the daily barrage of stress and pressure, yet still perseveres to overcome massive challenges that lift them and their teams to new levels of productivity. This is crucial for leaders as the Institute for the Future found in their most recent 30-year scenario that the number one skill for leaders in future, will be the skill/ability to stay healthy, as our way of life and our way of work takes its toll.

PERSONAL LEADERSHIP: Knowing, Accepting & Being

PERSONAL LEADERSHIP: Knowing, Accepting & Being

Start leading yourself independently and authentically NOW. Do not wait for someone in a leadership or mentoring role to take action in developing your skills, strengths and abilities. Take responsibility and be an inspiring, optimistic, enthusiastic young professional that leads yourself out of negativity and pessimism. Great leaders know that leadership success starts with personal leadership that should be seen a process and not a destination – you develop as a leader continuously throughout your life. It takes hard work, commitment, self-discipline, practice and a willingness to grow.

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